Friday, March 6, 2009

On Walden Pond

We found cross-country skis in the attic the other day and decided to go out and take advantage of all this snow while it lasts. We went into Concord to Walden Pond, the home of Henry David Thoreau. It was so sunny and nice outside, but the pond was completely frozen over with about a foot of snow on top, so we skied out on it. My first time on a frozen pond and on cross-country skis. There was a man ice fishing; I would really like to try that. We tried to make it up into the woods, but it was way more fun skiing on the pond. It was so sunny, I could have napped in the snow. I really hope we keep the snow through the end of March.

Walden Pond

the ice underneath

a snow angel

Below you can see the replica of Thoreau's 10' by 15' one-room cabin and me having a snowball fight with his statue. Michael bought Walden at the gift shop, and the nice cashier gave us some recommendations on bars/restaurants in the Acton area. He told us about the Colonial Inn (below) in Concord, so we went there for lunch. The inn was built in 1716 and apparently has haunted rooms (Michael's a ghost nerd).

Yesterday, we went to Nashoba Valley, which is right around the corner, to go downhill skiing. The second time I've skied ever. I was surprised that I wasn't as horrible as expected. Not that I was good, by any means, but I didn't break any bones. Before we left, I was going over small jumps without falling down! Of course, tons of nine-year-olds are soaring over me on their snowboards. Skiing is so much fun, but I just don't have enough access to it to get any better. We may try snow tubing before the snow melts.

the ski lift

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