Thursday, March 12, 2009


After last night I think I've decided that Lindsay Buckingham might possibly be the greatest guitarist in the universe. Michael got me tickets to Fleetwood Mac (my first favorite band) for my birthday. Last night we went to see them at TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. From the photos you can see we were practically in the front row.

The arena was huge, our seats were very high up (I'm quite acrophobic), and the place was pretty packed. I think I might have been the youngest person there. I spotted lots of interesting characters, namely the 40ish woman wearing a fringe leather vest, dancing in the bathroom.

Fleetwood Mac is touring with their most popular 1975 lineup, sans Christina McVie (which made me sad because I love her). But despite being minus one McVie, they really sounded amazing. Lots of reunited older bands can be quite boring to watch, but they made me realize why so many people like them. They were very entertaining; Buckingham was jumping around on stage, pummeling his guitar, and not seeming at all like 60!

"Won't you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff!"

After the show, we drove around and finally found an area of Boston that doesn't close down at 11 on a week night. I think we were near the universities. We found a pool hall where we got all kinds of awesome, terribly unhealthy bar food.


The snow has been off and on this week. We went to go snow tubing the other night but found that the conditions were slow, so we sadly returned to the house. The other night we drove to a pub (supposedly one of the most haunted in America, so says Michael) in Ashland, MA, called Stone's Public House. Once an inn, there was a poker disagreement that ended in death, with the body possibly buried on the grounds. Pretty neat little pub; there was an alright jazz ensemble playing. We didn't experience any ghost sighting but we did experience a huge plate of fries with gravy.

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