Monday, March 2, 2009

It Snows!

We woke up this morning to more than a foot of snow on the ground, and it kept coming down all day! One of the biggest snows I've ever seen. It looks so amazing outside. We have to find Michael some snow boots so we can play in it tomorrow. We've been doing even more cooking (I made a caramel pie last night) and going to the gym here at the condo. Today it smelled like a foot. Speaking of smells, we keep finding doggie turd surprises all over the house. Lovely. In the photos you can see what we do every morning, noon and night--walk Charlemagne and Merlin.

walking the greyhounds

Michael's car

the front of our condo

the odd statue by our door

The the other day we drove into Boston and walked around the city. I did a bit of shopping. I just noticed that they don't have sales tax on clothing up here! Below you can see us at the harbor, next to the New England Aquarium where we watched sea lions swim about in their tank. They are strange creatures with creepy eyes.

Yesterday, we went in search of a brunch. We heard good things about the Acton Jazz Cafe. We were a bit disappointed because it turned out to be in the same building as a bank, had an over-priced, unimpressive buffet, and the atmosphere of a retirement home. So we left and drove into Cambridge to the Temple Bar. Such a cool bar with a delicious brunch. We shall return.

leaving our condo in Acton

Temple Bar

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