Friday, February 20, 2009

Movin' On Up to the Northeast Side

We finally got a piece of the pie.

Last week we began our east coast road trip! A little earlier than planned because I got last-minute tickets to Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Our first stop was Gettysburg, PA, but we have no photos to prove this. Decent hotel. Cool-looking downtown. We were going to stop by the battlefield but ran out of time.

On Friday the 13th, we cruised on up to NYC and met up with Asa! He let us stay at his apartment in Brooklyn for a couple nights. We went to Rockefeller Center to watch the taping of Conan.

The show was a lot of fun. This week was Conan's last week before moving to CA to take over The Tonight Show! The studio is way smaller than it looks on TV. The Jonas Brothers were guests, which caused lots of teenage girls to line up outside the studio and flail and scream when they entered the building. We were not as impressed. Also on the show were Isla Fisher and Dan Auerbach.

Afterwards, we met up with Asa and his friend Bridget and ate at a pretty good soul food restaurant called Mama's in East Village. Then we went out to some bars, where I eventually had too many lemon drops and danced, danced the night away.

On Valentine's Day, we all went to brunch at Diner. Later, I was bitten on the wrist by a fat cat with a bowtie. That night, Michael and I went on a search for caramel pie and settled for Tiramisu at a cute little Italian restuarant decorated for V-Day. We all met up again, along with Michael's friend Andrew, at a nearby bar where angsty acoustic females sang about the male whores of Bushwick.

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