Friday, February 20, 2009

Midnight Mary

We continued our northern journey the next day and ended up in New Haven, CT. We saw Friday the 13th and then went out to a cemetery to find Midnight Mary's grave. In 1872, she fainted, was presumed dead and was buried alive. When her aunt had a dream that she was writhing in her coffin, she demanded they dig her up. When they did, they found claw marks in the coffin and other evidence that she had struggled to escape. Legend goes, that those who visit her grave at midnight will die at the stroke of midnight.

Unfortunately, we could not find her grave in the dark, so we returned the next day. The inscription is very odd, it reads "The People Shall Be Troubled at Midnight and Pass Away."

the first frozen pond we saw

a hooker school?

We drove around the campus of Yale, which I had forgotten was in New Haven, before we headed up to Salem, MA.

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